Aloha and Welcome

Under the direction of Hōkūaulani Nihipali, Halau ʻOlapakuikalaʻi ʻo Hokuaulani was founded in 2004. In 2005, they opened up their permanent home and this Halau is located on the beautiful windward side of Oʻahu, in Kaneʻohe.

In September 2007, we opened our doors to expanded to Nagoya-city, under the direction of our Alakakʻi Likolehua Honda. On March 1, 2009 we expanded to the Northern side of Japan in Hakodate (Hokkaido). On June 1, 2009 our Halau in Utsunomiya (Tochigi), opened its doors.

On September 2009, we were the first Halau to open its doors in Seoul, Korea.

We will opening our doors in Osaka & Kobe Japan in early 2010 & Sapporo by summer of 2010...We are in the process of trying to open in Tokyo, Japan as well.